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Stacheify - Grow a Mustache

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Stacheify - Grow a Mustache.Ever wanted to look more attractive? Try a mustache! In fact, try MANY different "follicle-accurate" stache styles with Stacheify! Choose your hair color for ultimate realism or try novelty mustache effects like "Milk Mustache" and hilarious "Stache Silhouettes"! Your photos will even come to life with amazing animations that will have you sneezing your staches off.
From the makers of Beardify, Zombify, and Oldify 2!
FEATURES:* Take a new photo or use any photo in your photo library* Choose a stache color to match your hair!* Tired of non-mustachioed pets? Use Stacheify on your dogs and cats for a hilarious effect.* Combine effects from Fatify, Oldify, Beardify, and more!* Re-size and rotate mustaches for the perfect fit.* Share photos through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. MMS, and Email.
The Handlebar - Instantly become more attractiveThe Petite Handlebar - More subtle, but no less distinguishedThe Chevron - A stache of legendThe Horseshoe - Or "biker moustache" also worn by Hulk HoganThe English - Truly, a gentleman's stacheThe Dali - For the eccentrics, the trend-setters, the odd-balls... The Pencil - also known as a Mouth-brow, this stache is reserved for the most meticulous stache-stylistsThe Toothbrush - Worn by the entertainment genius, Charlie Chaplin The Walrus - Show everyone you're serious about your stache-statementThe Fu Manchu - The facial hair of choice for villains throughout the agesThe Bat Stache - Become the mustachioed crusader The Hungarian - Big, bushy and completely under control. Break out the stache wax!
ADD BEARDS: - Get Beardify to add stache/beard combos right inside Stacheify!
SHARE WITH FRIENDS-Share videos and photos via MMS, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Email.-Give your friends the gift of facial hair! Thank us later.
Follow along with us on Instagram at @apptly and share your most dashing stache creations using #stacheify.
Note: Stacheify is meant to make you laugh and/or giggle, and should be used purely for entertainment. Enjoy!